01.B.E.T. American Gangsta Intro [00:39]
02.Pimp, Rapper and A C.E.O. (Ft. Mac Dre and Tae) [03:39]
03.Every Day I Go Hard [04:27]
04.Black, Brown and White (Ft. Messy Marv and Mr. Rags) [03:30]
05.Never Been A Bitch [03:46]
06.Go Stupid Go Dummy (Ft. B-Legit) [03:32]
07.What's Haaatnin' (Ft. Messy Marv) [03:47]
08.Catch A Hot One (Ft. Messy Marv and Taj Mahal) [03:28]
09.Come Here Hoe (Ft. Celly Cel) [03:56]
10.Can U Say (Thizz Mix Ft. Dubee, Snoop Dogg, Mac Mall and Chris Ray) [03:33]
11.I Talk Money (Thizz Mix Ft. T-Pain and San Quinn) [03:56]
12.Baby What U Sayin'? (Ft. Syko and Lil Jim Cole) [04:03]
13.Freakin Day and Night (Ft. Chris Ray) [03:30]
14.Thug Relations (Ft. Rochelle) [03:38]
15.Gotta Pay for Love [03:16]
16.Bonified Pimpin (Ft. Fo Sho) [03:55]
17.Got A Nigga Goin Crazy [04:51]
18.Pimp, Rapper and A C.E.O. (Radio Version Ft. Mac Dre and Tae) [03:40]

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